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2015 i-CARE Finalist – Bridie Linehan

Bridie LinehanFinalist

Bluebird Care is one of the best things that has happened to me. So here’s a little background into my experience with them. When I was in school we did work experience and I chose to go to the Cope Foundation and I loved it. I started to second-guess my career and thought I wanted to work there more as opposed to working with the elderly or in someone’s home.

When I was finished with college I decided to look up places on the Internet and decided that I would ring Bluebird Care after looking at their website, as I liked what I saw. I was brought in for an interview and was really pleased to learn more about what they did. I learned that it’s just not all older people they care for but in fact they work with a wide range of customers of all ages. I knew then that I would like to work with them, as it was the path that I wanted to take.

Ever since I started I knew that Bluebird Care was right for me. Not only do I go to client’s homes but I have also built relationships with most clients and in my opinion I think that is very important. Bluebird Care has given me loads of opportunities to work with different clients as they know I am interested in working with people who have disabilities, this goes to show that they listen to there staff.

They always seem to accommodate me and no issue is to big or to small as they always have a solution. They really care about their staff as well as their clients. Bluebird Care give clients the opportunity to stay in their own houses giving them the independence that they desire by having there staff come in and give some guidance. Some people might not need any help but just to have companionship is good for most clients.

They listen to their clients and will make sure that if they can help them in any other ways they will. They will go the extra mile to make sure that the clients feel as comfortable as they can. Bluebird Care will never send any of their staff somewhere that they feel uncomfortable and do there best to match the clients to the careers. I personally love to talk and I feel that all the clients I have are very chatty which suits me well. Personally I think that Bluebird Care do this on purpose as they know me and the client will get on well.

This is a big deal because Bluebird Care know that it’s important for carers to feel like
they have a relationship with their clients as it will make the person feel more at home. Since I started with Bluebird Care I have also had some more training which has given me more work opportunities, and there will be more training to come in the future as Bluebird Care like to look after their staff in any way that they can. I love working for Bluebird Care and they have given me the best work experiences and for that, I am so grateful.