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2015 i-CARE Finalist – Mary Glynn

Mary GlynnFinalist

A year and a half ago college work was on a go-slow,

In second year Social Care lectures focus was theory,

I began to get a little weary,

The burning question was, ‘is Social Care for me’?

I had a bright idea, I began to research and Bluebird Care had a job ad,

Right then I was glad,

I went for my interview and soon after my induction,

I realised all the staff were so nice which was to my delight.

My uncle that lives with me has an intellectual disability he made me think about doing Social Care,

I thought I could have a barrel of laughs there,

I saw things that bothered him and wanted to be able to work on them in the future.

I feel the flaws in the care system are outrageous but this can be addressed with us all being courageous,

Do as we can for now and better things will come with Bluebird Care, I see the light I believe all our futures can be bright.

I drive from house to house caring for children and adults with intellectual disabilities,

I love it, but I’m not going to lie it’s not always as easy as taking a look up to the sky.

Every job has its challenges,

Every day is different so my time is definitely well spent.

Being in customer’s houses, I don’t mind at all,

People think I’m mad but I’m just glad to know my customer is safe and sound while the clock keeps on ticking around.

The staff at Bluebird Care are supportive and very approachable.

Any questions I have I can ask, without a gasp,

They see supervision as key, which greatly helped me.

I see all my customers as inspirational,

They have taught me to always be grateful,

The laughs we have are outrageous and their smiles so contagious.

I feel my work is greatly appreciated by every one of my customers whether it’s simple thanks or little smiles; it keeps me going clocking up the miles.

They’re all the reasons I care with Bluebird Care.