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2015 i-CARE Finalist – Aaron Shiel

Aaron ShielFinalist

My name is Aaron Shiel and I have been working with Bluebird Care for seven months and I can honestly say that I have learned more here than in any college course I have taken.

Most people assume that I work with just elderly people but I always give them the same answer. On a weekly basis I work with two young boys with autism, two young men with Cerebral Palsy and the rest of the time I spend with elderly clients.

My work is so varied that I always learn new information every day. This time seven months ago I wouldn’t have dreamed that I would know as much about adults with disabilities, Aspergers or epilepsy as I do now, and I have one company to thank for that, and that’s Bluebird Care. My confidence is at an all time high in terms of work and I know in my heart and soul that I am doing what I believe I was born to do. A moment that made me feel great happened only recently when I was caring for a young boy aged four with severe autism, he held my hand and smiled at me, an action which his mother said has never happened before! So for me to be able to make him that comfortable around me just made my day.

I believe carers are the backbone of any healthcare system. I began working with Bluebird Care with a liking for caring, but that liking has changed to a passion. A lot people get up for work or go about their business without thinking that some people can’t do what they do, so for us as carers to be able to maximise our clients potential is a massive reward in itself.

I look forward to working with Bluebird Care in the future. Head up and keep caring!