Remaining in your own home as you get older or as you cope with a disability or simply returning to your community after an illness, is what most people prefer to do. With the right help and qualified support this is possible for the majority of people. At Bluebird Care we are able to offer services that allow people to do just that, for customers of all ages and all abilities throughout the country.

We provide services for:

Our Customers

We believe firmly in customer service at Bluebird Care. We do not talk about ‘clients’ or ‘patients’ or even ’service-users’. Instead we believe that every single person to whom we provide care is an individual. We do not  pigeonhole people and that is why every customer receives a personalised and tailored service.
We are always very careful not to take over our customers lives. We have a strong belief that we ‘do with’ and not ‘do to’.  In that way we help to maintain independence whilst at the same time allowing our customers to live as full and as active a life as possible.

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As a guideline some of our customers fall into these categories;

•    Older people who need ‘a bit of help’ getting up and going to bed (for example).
•    Husband-and-wife who would like assistance with keeping on top of household chores.
•    People who are physically disabled people who need assistance with the things that their disability prevents them from doing entirely by themselves.
•    People who have fairly constant care needs but do not wish to go into residential care will frequently choose our Live-in Care Service.
•    Sometimes when an individual has been released from hospital after illness or an operation, they will contact us for short term help until they are feeling fit enough to regain their old lifestyle.
•    We provide a service for people who rely on a relative or friend for most of their care but would like to give that person a break from time to time.
•    Many people would like to escape from the same four walls occasionally and would like someone to take them out for a couple of hours or for a days shopping.
•    Sometimes a weekly pampering session of a nice bath appeals to young and old alike.
•    If you don’t feel that you fit on this list, don’t despair. We can provide care for many differing situations so please contact us to see how we can help.