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What is Person-Centred Care?

At Bluebird Care we adopt a person-centred care approach to homecare and independent living support. This means that the customer is at the heart of all decisions made about his or her care. This is a very important ethos as it means that we are directed by the person receiving care. Sometimes this can include...
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Care Now In The Hands of Older People in Ireland

"New HSE programme ensures the money follows the patient and is to be welcomed."

Bluebird Care to provide homecare for older people nationwide on behalf of the HSE

Bluebird Care has welcomed the new approach to older persons care with individuals and family members being able to choose which homecare provider they work with, when the HSE cannot...
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#myicarestory - Be Inspired By Our Healthcare Staff

With less than two weeks to go before our i-CARE campaign ends, we thought we would present some inspiring stories to you from our healthcare staff around the country. We greatly appreciate the care that each and every one of our 1,500 staff gives to our customers in every corner of Ireland and to this end,...

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