Is there an Alzheimer’s Epidemic Sources


World Alzheimer report 2013 reveals global Alzheimer’s epidemic creating shortage of caregivers, lack of support for family members –
Treatment horizon –
Alzheimer’s facts and figures –
What is Alzheimer’s? –
Dementia research –
Demography –
Statistics –
What is dementia? –
Funding for HIV and AIDS –
Alzheimer’s disease –
Annual report and accounts 2013/14 –
Interim evaluation of Taking Action: The UK Government’s strategy for tackling HIV and AIDs in the developing world; Final report, executive summary –
Alzheimer’s and dementia prevention –
Alzheimer’s disease –
UK research expenditure on dementia, heart disease, stroke and cancer: are levels of spending related to disease burden? –
Treating Alzheimer’s disease –
ONS looks at leading causes of death registered in England and Wales, 2012 –
The 10 leading causes of death, 2011 –
Safety, tolerability, and antibody response of active Aβ immunotherapy with CAD106 in patients with Alzheimer’s disease: randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, first-in-human study –

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