International Day of Older Person

Today is the United Nations’ (UN) International Day of Older Person, celebrated annually on October 1 to recognize the contributions of older persons and to examine issues that affect their lives.

International Day of Older Persons is a special day for older persons or senior citizens all over the world. To mark this special day a series of events will be taking place worldwide including: speeches, media campaigns, displays of promotional material on the International Day of Older Persons in schools, and offices; media announcements and activities that promote older persons; and inter-generational cooperation on voluntary activities focused on the environment, health, education or community services.

Bluebird Care in association with Age Action have teamed up to celebrate Positive Ageing Week, September 28 to October 6. Positive Ageing Week is Age Action’s contribution to marking October 1 as UN International Day of Older Persons, and is proudly supported by Bluebird Care.

This is the tenth year of Positive Ageing Week, a festival which highlights the positive aspects of ageing and celebrates the contribution older people make to their communities.

In celebration hundreds of events are taking place nationwide involving older people, organized by local groups, nursing homes, libraries, commercial organisations and individuals.

So to get involved log on to and find out what is going on in your area.