Paralympian Challenges Minister to “Spend a Day in a Wheelchair”

A paralympian who gets personal care from Bluebird Care has challenged the Minister for Health James Reilly T.D. to “spend a day in a wheelchair” before any more cuts are made to care services.

Padraic Moran from Bray competed in this year’s Paralympics in Boccia. He’s also a DCU Communications student and works part-time for East Coast FM. Operations Director with Bluebird Care Eddie O’Tool says, “Padraic is an example of how a little support can go a long way to allowing people live independently.”

Padraic’s who has cerebral palsy spoke openly about cuts in care services and as a result his story was picked up today in the media. He is featured in the Irish Independent which you can read here, RTÉ news which you can view here, the Star which you can read below and the Evening Herald which you can read here.

Padraic Moran, who receives 10 hours of care a week from Bluebird Care is featured in the Irish Daily Star newspaper after he challenged the Minister for Health James Reilly TD to use a wheelchair for a day, before he imposes more cuts on homecare services.