It’s Flipping Pancakes not Potatoes Today: Guest Blog Post by Chef Gary O’Hanlon

Here’s a pancake Chef Gary O’Hanlon made earlier

It’s Flippin’ Pancakes Not Potatoes Today – Guest Blog Post by Chef Gary O’Hanlon

What do you mean the spuds are on??? That’s a line you want to hear every day of the year as you walk in the door from work. Bar one of course. Pancake Tuesday. The one day of the year ( ok Christmas is another but that’s different) you get to stuff your face guilt free. You’ve had visions of whipped cream, berries & maple syrup in your head since you woke up and nothing is gonna stop you getting your fix.

All you guys have Wee Netty to thank because after 5 years of practice, it’s a weekely treat for my better half, I have the Pancakes down to a fine art.

If some of you, like me growing up, were used to simple old pancakes with lemon juice & sugar and you still prefer them that way that’s fine. Simply eliminate the berries, icing sugar and cream and work away with just the basic pancake recipe. For the more adventerous greedy guts gang amongst you, a.k.a. My Gang, we’re gonna go the full hog and celebrate this day as if it were Christmas because lets face it. Christmas is for kids.

Now put the spuds away until tomorrow. Find your best non stick pan and let’s get Flippin’

What you’ll need:

1 10 or 12 inch Non Stick Pan (the heavier the better)

1 bowl

1 whisk

1 ladle

10g of butter per pancake.

A sieve.

A bottle of Maple Syrup.

oh and a big plate to serve.


Berry Compote;

10 raspberries

10 blueberries

10 blackberries

5 strawberries diced up.

2 tsp caster sugar.

Mix everything together very slowly until the sugar dissolves and there’s a lovely sheen to your berries.

Set aside

Pancake Batter

3 eggs

100g caster sugar (you can add a little more if you prefer them sweeter but bear in mind we’ll also be using sweetened cream & maple syrup)

400 ml full fat milk

100-200g of flour.

For the cream.

250ml cream

hald a vanilla pod scraped out or 2-3 drops of vanilla essence if you don’t have a pod to hand.

2 tsp icing sugar.


For the Cream.

Add all the ingredients to a bowl & blend with an electric blender or by hand. It’ll take a while if you don’t have a blender but it will eventually thicken so don’t let it stop you if you don’t have one.

Whisk until stiff.

For the Pancake Batter

Whisk the eggs in a large bowl.

Add the sugar and whisk again until the sugar dissolves.

Now add the milk and whisk to blend.

Add the Flour bit by bit.

The flour quantity will differ from person to person. If, like me, you prefer them more crepe like then use around 100g or if you prefer them slightly thicker add more. The key is to add the flour in bit by bit.

Now to Cook.

Heat the pan with approx 10g of butter.

Do not let the butter brown.

Once melted swirl the butter around the base of the pan, this’ll help prevent sticking.

Ladle one big scoop of pancake mix into the middle of the pan then swirl it to evenly distribute until the entire base of the pan is covered.

Cook on a medium heat until little bubbles appear and when you push the pan back and forth and it slides easily you know it’s ready for flipping.

This is the fun part if there are children around but if your not comfortable simply put a flat spatula underneath and turn it.

Cook for a further 1-2 mins then slide off onto a plate or chopping board.

Roll the Pancake up, place onto your plate, dust all over with icing sugar, spoon on the berries, drizzle with maple syrup and top with whipped cream.

It’s difficult to talk you through the method used to help you Flip the Pancakes but I promise over the coming months it’ll be one of the first videos i’ll add to the website and once you see how easy it is you’ll all be pros after a few atttempts.

Happy cooking.

Chef Gary.