Experts Corner: Irene Collins, CEO, EIQA

There’s No Place Like Home!

With the help of Home Care providers, more and more people are choosing to stay comfortably at home rather than opt for a change in their lifestyle that would take them away from the neighbourhoods and friends of a lifetime.

But, just as you would check the credentials of any new person who comes into your home, it is vital that you check the accreditation of your homecare provider.

That is why The National Q Mark is delighted to recommend Bluebird Care, who have chosen to enter into the rigorous Q Mark programme of standards rather than simply work to the lower standards that often exist in this currently unregulated area of health care.

Always look for The Q Mark when choosing your homecare provider

The Q Mark certification offers you real confidence and reassurance that the homecare service you choose adheres to the highest standards of Quality and Excellence available in Ireland today.

The Q Mark guarantees you, your friends and family, that your homecare provider operates what’s known as a Continuous Improvement Programme which simply put, means that 100% of their support systems, processes and procedures are monitored for best practice,100% of the time. All of this information feeds back into a quality of life standard for each and every person they care for.

The Q Mark framework for Homecare providers is comprised of five principal elements:

1. Leadership Commitment
This means that the homecare provider who carries the Q Mark has an entire management team that believe in providing the highest standard of quality care to you.

2. Engaged Employees
Everyone who works for a Q Mark certified homecare service believes in delivering the best standard of care, whilst respecting your privacy and treating you with dignity.

3. Excellent Business Systems and Processes
100% of a Q Mark certified homecare service’s support systems, processes and procedures are monitored for best practice,100% of the time.

4. Customer Experience
The Q Mark puts you first. That’s why your experience is paramount, and your quality of life and care is always the priority.

5. Positive Results
Every Q Mark certified homecare provider continuously strives to do better in their quest to improve on best practice and provide a higher quality of life for each and every person they care for.