George Hook’s Hassle Free Travel Guide

As we are still in holiday season we thought we would share George Hook’s Guide to a hassle free holiday.

‘I have always loved travelling. It’s one of my real pleasures om life, be it for business or pleasure. Airports give me a buzz and finding ways to make my trip hassle-free have always been a priority for me even when young, single and unencumbered. 

For many people these days the focus is on the destination, the hotel and the sights while the itinerary becomes something of a chore.

I always believed that how I travelled was just as important as where I was going and I never adopted the policy of arriving at the airport 30 minutes before a flight and embarking on a mad dash to the gate.

So I wanted to share with you my pointers for a hassle free travel:

1. Check in online before you travel

2. Choose your seat before you fly and think about the emergency row if you are over 6-feel tall. Similarly if you are making a connection, then choose row one as it will have you off the plane first.

3. Print off all documents and keep them in one place. I am constantly amazed when people have to search for documents at security they should be always in the same place and easily accessible.

4. Once upon a time airport lounges were only for frequent travellers. But now for a relatively small amount of money, it is possible to stay in the lounge. The compliments newspapers, drinks and snacks often roughly cost as much as you would spend in the newsagents and coffee bar before departing.

5. Identify your gate early in the process and allow plenty of time to get there, especially at a strange airport. I have had some hairy experiences in trying to fin my way in Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Paris.

6. Last but not least peace of mind is important to me. Having the right travel insurance cover is so important when going abroad. Senior get a bad deal from insurers , so check the small print, While paying for your may be offered insurance or your healthcare provider may do likewise. Failing that, check out AA Travel.’

George Hook, Broadcaster