200,000 Reasons to Celebrate Carers This Week

Today marks the beginning of National Carers Week and we are dedicating this week in Bluebird Care to carers right across Ireland. Are you a carer? Do you even recognise that you are a carer? This week is all about you.

The 2011 Census shows that there are 182,884 carers in Ireland with that figure undoubtedly having increased since then. But there are very many more who are not documented as carers and not receiving the state’s Carer’s Allowance.

At Bluebird Care our job is often to support carer’s in the family home to ensure that an individual remains at home by their own choice.

(Image carersweek.ie)

(Image carersweek.ie)

What is a Carer?

The most recent Census of Population defines a ‘carer’ as someone who:

“provides regular, unpaid personal help for a friend or family member with a long-term illness, health problem or disability (including problems which are due to old age). Personal help includes help with basic tasks such as feeding and dressing.”

Who Needs Care?

Amongst community-dwelling older people in Ireland, 11% of men and 14% of women aged 50 or over had at least one limitation in at least one ‘activity of daily living’ or one ‘instrumental activity of daily living’. This translates into 164,000 older adults with care and support needs living in communities across Ireland.

 What is National Carer’s Week?

National Carers Week 2014 takes place from June 9th to 15th 2014 and is organised by the Carers Association.

Find out details about events that are being organised around the country for family carers here as part of National Carers Week.


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