A Career in Care? Why You Should Consider Bluebird Care

When joining the team at Bluebird Care, we tell you, “Care is not about a job, it is about the potential of developing your career.” In this blog post we share more details about what a career in care involves. We are a company that puts the emphasis on quality – quality care, quality people, quality standards.


Read an article on working in homecare by the Irish Country Living Magazine produced by the Irish Farmer’s Journal. In this article Mary Phelan talks about the opportunities of working with Bluebird Care.

Irish Farmers Journal Irish Country Living

Want to develop your career with Bluebird Care? Firstly here’s a little more about us.



Quality Homecare is what we provide

Lorna Liney, National General Manager with Bluebird Care talks about the importance of quality homecare in an unregulated market.


Calibre of staff working with Bluebird Care

Personality & Demeanour

Care Assistants are professionally trained staff serving a crucial role in our society by supporting people with disabilities, older people and those are who chronically ill, enabling them to maintain their independence and improving their quality of life.

All Bluebird Care staff understand the importance of privacy and dignity for the people they are supporting. We assist people to ensure that proper hygiene, cleanliness and nutrition, as well as everyday activities and recreations that we often take for granted are achieved.

All staff of Bluebird Care are referenced-checked and Garda vetted and anyone interested in working with us must comply with these standards.


Depending on the role you would like to take up with Bluebird Care you must have the following:

  • Minimum FETAC Level 5 in a healthcare discipline to work as a Care Assistant or a Personal Assistant
  • Undertake initial induction training and continuing professional development training
  • Opportunity to upskill while in employment with Bluebird Care
  • RGN/RNID’s are employed as nursing staff and/or managers
  • Third Level Degree in Social Care or a related discipline


 The Working Environment

Staff work within a community setting which can include the home environment, community recreation facilities,  local day centres and even following our customers into the local hospital setting.

The length of care required is dependent on the customers’ needs. It may last one day, several days, weeks, months or even years. Working different shifts including weekends, nights and holidays is a requirement for this type of work.

Join our team – find a list of available jobs here.


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