Summer Crime Prevention Advice from An Garda Síochána

Don’t give criminals a crime opportunity: Summer Advice from An Garda Síochána

The month of August is the traditional holiday month across Ireland and also time for annual graveyard ceremonies across the country. Unfortunately thieves are targeting parked cars during this time.

Sgt. Paul Wallace, Divisional Crime Prevention Officer in Donegal stated, “Recent crime figures tell us year to date (compared to this time last year) we have a 33% increase in reported thefts from vehicles, with significant increases in certain areas of Donegal so it appears we have to keep reminding the public about this very preventable crime.”

So the advice provided below by An Garda Síochána should be heeded by everyone across the country and we are happy to share it with you. Please share it with anyone you know and/or tell them about it.

Theft from Cars Infographic
Local Divisional Garda Crime Prevention Officer Sergeant Paul Wallace has issued the following advice:
1. Ensure your car is locked with all windows closed.
2. Remove any valuables and place in the boot before you set out to attend the ceremonies – better still remove items and leave at home if possible.
3. Thieves are targeting ladies handbags, cameras, binoculars & sat navs basically any item that can be quickly sold on.
4. Parked cars will be checked discreetly by the thieves who will steal items in unlocked cars.
5. Persons acting suspiciously i.e loitering in the area should be kept under observation and Gardai contacted.

General Mid Summer Advice – You can afford to lose nothing!
➢ Keep a sharp eye on strange vehicles in the vicinity of your home & elderly neighbours.
➢ Restrict access onto your property; maintain your boundary fences, hedges and walls.
➢ Install a monitored intruder alarm to your home and buildings that are vulnerable.
➢ Going on Holiday or Shopping – Ask at neighbour to look over your property away, (you can also return the favour).
Further Crime Prevention information –
Issued by Sergeant Paul Wallace Garda Divisional Crime Prevention Officer, Letterkenny Garda Station
074-91-67161 (Direct) / 086-8281946 /

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