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Chicken Celery & Lemon Salad

I got married in March 2013. Set in the incredible grounds of Viewmount House, I had planned seven plus courses of the finest food you could imagine. I was thinking, what course will they love most? Will it be Anise Orange Cured Duck leg Confit or Pig’s Tail Croquettes with Yuzu Gel, Piquillo, Micro Cress and Pear Mustard?

Maybe it’ll be Salt Fried Sirloin Steak with Peppercorn Courvoisier Sauce, Colcannon & Straw Potatoes or the Dessert of Valrhona Chocolate Tote with Pear and Celery Ice Cream? No. The dish everyone talked about was the one I hadn’t given a second thought to. It was about 4am and the poor DJ had finally stopped playing music and out rolled the sandwiches.

I’ve always made chicken salad the same way but I never gave it much thought. Needless to say it has become a regular request from my wife Netty now on Sunday evenings whenever she’s getting ready for school the next day.

The mixture of lemon juice, mayo celery and chicken gives this an addictive taste. Try it for yourself. You’ll never make a chicken sandwich the old way again.

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