Mushroom Spinach & Cheddar Omelette

I moved to Boston in September 1999 and one of my first jobs was in “The Kells of Boston” and every Sunday I, along with my good buddy Wee Joe would work an omelette station for our ‘All You Can Eat’ brunch. Trust me when I tell you that we would easily churn out 200-plus omelettes each Sunday without fail. Years later I moved on to Devlin’s Restaurant, where I would stay for the remainder of my time in the States. It was here I first added the mushroom, spinach omelette to the Bunch menu.

It was the most popular choice by miles and for good reason. A lovely flavor combination, I’m sure you’ll all agree. To make this an even healthier option, leave out the cheese and use egg whites only. Use three eggs if making an egg white omelette though.

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