Food for the Soul Cookery Demonstration Tour Debuts in Wexford

 Celebrity Chef Gary O’Hanlon and Bluebird Care Host FREE cookery demo in the Talbot Hotel, 28th October

Bluebird Care and Celebrity Chef Gary O’Hanlon from TV3’s Late Lunch Live and The Restaurant will launch their nationwide series of Food for the Soul cookery demonstrations in Wexford next week. Book your free place here.

FFTS Demo Web Visual


Food for the Soul is a collection of Gary’s favourite home-cooked recipes. The cookbook is published by homecare company Bluebird Care which has an office in Wexford and 23 others nationwide.

The cookbook will raise money for Active Retirement Ireland, which has 24,500 members across Ireland. The free cookery demonstration takes place in the Talbot Hotel on Tuesday 28th October at 7.30pm.

To register your free place email or call 053 915 3933.

Food for the Soul could be described as ‘food for the soul, stories from the heart’ as Gary has a personal back-story for each recipe and putting his unique stamp on the book.

Speaking this week Gary says, “We have four sections in the cookbook – Starters, Snack, Mains and Desserts. We also have a ‘How-to-Guide’ for the more difficult recipes. I am really excited to partner with Bluebird Care on this project. They are a company that spends lots of time, energy and investment on projects to benefit other people and other organisations. I am pleased that my very first cookbook is one that is going to raise money for Active Retirement Associations across Ireland.”

Not only has Bluebird Care produced this cookbook for sale nationwide they have also commissioned a series of complementary online videos showing Gary cook each dish which are available to view on their website.

Director of Bluebird Care in Wexford, Michael Corcoran says, “We have long-held the view that good home cooking is very important to our customers who live in their own homes. We are in the homes of dozens of people every week right across Wexford and we understand the importance of a healthy and balanced diet. We asked Gary to write the cookbook for us and to devise recipes that had home-cooking at the heart of them. There are dishes for everyone – the beginner, intermediate or advanced home-cook.”

The cookbooks are available for sale at €10 from the Wexford Book Centre or online here.

National Conference & Getting Down to Business with Bobby Kerr

Bluebird Care Take the Executive Chair on Newstalk

On Saturday 18th October Brian MacGoey, Managing Director and Eddie O’Toole, Operations Director of Bluebird Care joined Bobby Kerr of Newstalk in the Executive Chair on the Down to Business Show.

Listen to the show at the links below.

First hour featuring Paul Cullen, Irish Times who also spoke at our conference. 

Second hour featuring Kathleen Gilmartin, Interim Healthcare and Brian MacGoey and Eddie of Toole Directors of Bluebird Care. 

Broadcasting live from Trump International, Doonbeg, Co. Clare the two-hour radio show heard from a range of speakers on the subjects of healthcare and homecare mixed in with voices from local business owners in Co. Clare.

Brian MacGoey, Bobby Kerr and Eddie O'Toole

Brian MacGoey, Bobby Kerr and Eddie O’Toole


National Conference

The show was broadcast the day following the annual Bluebird Care national conference. The theme of conference this year was Progress Through Professionalism. Driving Change in Homecare.


The speakers addressing conference presented a joined-up thinking approach to homecare and not only drew on best practice within Ireland but also focused on the UK and the US experience.

CEO & President of Interim Healthcare, Kathleen Gilmartin, Eddie O'Toole, Operations Director Bluebird Care Ireland, Simon Dalziel, COO, Bluebird Care UK, Fiona Williams, Director of Operations, Bluebird Care UK and Brian MacGoey, Managing Director, Bluebird Care Ireland

CEO & President of Interim Healthcare, Kathleen Gilmartin, Eddie O’Toole, Operations Director Bluebird Care Ireland, Simon Dalziel, COO, Bluebird Care UK, Fiona Williams, Director of Operations, Bluebird Care UK and Brian MacGoey, Managing Director, Bluebird Care Ireland



The annual Bluebird Care awards were also presented at conference and this year’s winners were…

Don O'Riordan, Bluebird Care Cork, Marketing Excellence Award Kay Leahy, Bluebird Care Clare, Spirit of Bluebird Care Award Sean Lyons, Bluebird Care Galway, Franchise of the Year

Don O’Riordan, Bluebird Care Cork, Marketing Excellence Award
Kay Leahy, Bluebird Care Clare, Spirit of Bluebird Care Award
Sean Lyons, Bluebird Care Galway, Franchise of the Year

12 of the World’s Boldest Older People

Age is just a number, life begins at 60… you’ve heard the headlines before. Yet these incredible older people are proof that there might be something in the old clichés after all. Be inspired by these daredevils, who trampled all over their age in the rush to get out there and do something fun. So long, pipes, slippers, knitting and other age-related stereotypes: human beings are living longer than ever, so it’s time to make the most of it. We’ve hunted high and low to find the awesome adventurers who are redefining what it is to be old. Whatever your age, you’re bound to be impressed…

1. Paragliding Peggy

Paragliding Peggy

Image source

Paragliding Peggy

Image source

In 2007, one day after her 100th birthday, Peggy McAlpine from Scotland became the oldest person to tandem paraglide in the world. In 2012, however, her record was beat by fellow daredevil Mary Allen Hardison from the US, who was celebrating her her 101st birthday. Undeterred, Peggy went on to reclaim her title in 2013, at the age of 104. After being helped from her wheelchair into her harness, she took to the skies over Northern Cyprus. Peggy died the following year, but the footage of her legendary leap is lasting testament to her brilliant bravery.

2. Olga the Athlete

Image source

Image source

Canadian Olga Kotelko entered her first Masters athletics competition aged 77 – and after that, she was hooked. From triple jumps to hammer throw, Olga went on to smash over 30 world records for her age group, amassing a dazzling 750 gold medals. The former schoolteacher took part in the World Master’s Athletics competition, open to ‘veterans’over the age of 35. Perhaps it was the fact she escaped an abusive marriage in the fifties that made her so strong and determined. Olga carried on competing – and winning – well into her nineties, before she died earlier this year.

3. Fauja, Marathon Man

Image source

Image source

Fauja Singh is a world record holding marathon runner with some pretty impressive achievements under his belt. Right now, he’s retired from running, but he is 103. He hung up his running shoes in 2013, after running the Hong Kong Marathon at the age of 102, however he continues to run for pleasure. Fauja’s record for the London Marathon is 6 hours 2 minutes, achieved when he was 92. No wonder he was snapped up as the face of an Adidas advertising campain, alongside the likes of David Beckham.

4. Otto the Stellar Swimmer

Image source

Image source

73-year-old South African Otto Thaning made waves (and headlines) earlier this year, when he became the oldest person to swim the English Channel. The brave heart surgeon said he wanted to prove what older people can do if they look after themselves. Spare a thought for 71-year-old Australian Cyril Baldock though; he earned the title just one month before Thaning pipped him to the port.

5. Ray the Brilliant Bodybuilder


Image source

Image source

Ray Moon, a brilliantly named 84-year-old from the US, has wowed the world with his amazing body building talents. He took up body building in his seventies and regularly competes in the over 35 category. Ray holds the Guinness World Record for oldest competing body builder, but that’s not all: he’s suffered from polio, cardiac arrest and bladder cancer. Just look at him now…

6. Daphne Selfe, Timeless Supermodel

Image source

Image source

She’s graced the pages of Vogue and the catwalks of Paris – and Daphne Selfe doesn’t look set to stop any time soon. In fact, she’s just been named the face of a new campaign by intu, in Manchester’s Trafford Centre – at the ripe age of 86.The veteran supermodel is said to put her graceful good looks down to growing her hair long, steering clear of Botox and eating healthy food. That and the old genetics. We might not all be graced with supermodel aesthetics, but there’s nothing to stop us taking a leaf out of Daphne’s style book…

7. Yuichiro Miura, Everest Skier and Scaler

Image source

Image source

Climbing the world’s highest mountain is probably one of the most impressive journeys a human being can make. Japanese mountaineer Yuichiro Miura pretty much owns Everest.OK, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but he has still got some astounding Everest-related records to his name, which are made all the more impressive by his age. Miura’s relationship with the great peak began in 1970, when he became the first person to ski on its slopes. After a descent of over 4200 feet,he attracted film makers and found himself the centre of 1975’s award-winning and imaginatively named documentary ‘The Man WhoSkied Down Everest’. Miura first scaled Everest in 2003, at the tender age of 70, but was beaten shortly afterwards. He carried on, though; reaching the top in 2008 at the age of 75 and again in 2013, aged 80. No wonder he’s smiling.

8. Margit Tall, the World’s Oldest Bungee Jumper

Image source

Image source

Nothing makes you feel youthful like dangling on a piece of elastic from a 150-foot crane. That’s what 95-year-old Finnish lady Margit did this summer. On solid ground, she walks with a stick – but she didn’t need it when she was bungee jumping from the crane, which afforded great views over her home city of Helsinki. Such was this womn’s bravery that she didn’t even scream. Margit didn’t quite grab the title of oldest ever bungee jumper (that went to 96-year-old South African Mohr Keet), but it was still a remarkable feat. And we love the fact she’s called ‘Tall’.

9. Wika Szmyt – Queen of the Decks


Image source

Image source

Wirginia Szmyt, also know as DJ Wika, is one of Poland’s most famous DJs. Who just happens to be 77 years old. At her regular sets in Polish capital Warsaw, she spins everything from salsa and rumba to disco and pop from her twin laptops. Whatever the genre, if it makes the people dance, she’ll play it…

10. All-Round Adventurer, Mary Lou Mahaney


Image source

Image source

Mahaney lost her husband at 72, which is when she started to travel. Despite her sadness, she decided to dust herself off and head to the countries she’d never visited before. Now she’s 90, and she’s been to over 100 countries – but it’s not all about stamps in her passport. What’s even more amazing about Mary is what she does when she’s on the road. From stroking lions to zip-wiring, this thrill-seeker has taken part in some wonderful – and unforgettable – experiences.

11. Tao Porchon-Lynch, the Flexible Friend

Image source

Image source

Frenchwoman Tao Porchon-Lynch is the proud owner of the Guinness World Record for world’s oldest yoga teacher. She’s 96, and her colourful life, which began in India, has seen her be a dancer, actor and model. Age has never been an issue for Tao, who can be found online contorting into some unbelievable poses.

12. Ernestine Shephard, Extraordinary Bodybuilder

Image source

Image source

OK, we’ve already had the inimitable Mr Moon, but we couldn’t complete this list without 74-year-old Ernestine Shephard, the world’s oldest competing female bodybuilder. As well as pumping iron (and, frankly, looking radiant,) Ernestine teaches classes from her regular gym in Baltimore. She’s got a sublime six pack, but she only started sculpting it when she was 57, after seeing an unflattering photograph of herself in a swimsuit and vowing to take more care of her body.

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