#myiCareStory – Bernie Hennessy

Bernie Hennessy who works with Bluebird Care Tipperary and East Cork has penned a poem as part of her i-CARE entry. Enjoy!


#myiCareStory By Bernie Hennessy

In order to show i-CARE
I decided to work with Bluebird care
The people there are really swell
And help me do my job so well.

The clock strikes ten, it’s time to go
I am ready for work as you know
Check all the sisters are okay
And make sure they’re resting from their day.

I am there all through the night
I’m wide awake in case they get a fright
To listen to them spin some yarns
And make sure they come to no harm.

I am the last face they see at night
And the first thing when it gets bright
I attend to their every waking need
And don’t see it, as just a deed.

With every bell that sounds
I’m off again to do my rounds
Popping my head around their doors
To check and make sure for all their snores.

I really have enjoyed my work to date
And at last I’ve found my fate
The people who helped me show i-CARE
Were the one and only Bluebird Care.

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