#myiCareStory – John Coyne

John Coyne from Kilkenny works with Bluebird Care Carlow/Kilkenny/Waterford and has tells us his #myiCareStory below.

#myiCareStory by John Coyne

I became a Healthcare Assistant in 2011 and this has been the best career move I ever made. The reason I started this career is because I always wanted to make a difference to people who needed care, who just wanted a hand, or just company to allow them to stay as independent for as long as possible.

My favourite people to look after are older people as they have so many amazing stories to tell and some classic sayings, which cannot be put to print but would have me doubled over with laughter.

The most rewarding part of the job is when an older person asks, “will you be here again tomorrow?” When they are reassured that you will be back, you can see their faces light up and a smile follows.

I have met a few characters on my caring journey that have made an impact on my life. Older people teach you how to live and enjoy life, as this is what is facing all of us in the years to come.

There is lots of training available to help the Bluebird Care carer do their job to the best of their ability.

When you work with a good team it makes the job easier as the carer knows that there are experienced people there to give you back-up, when it is needed.

John Coyne

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