#myiCareStory – Mary McKenna

Mary McKenna works with Bluebird Care Carlow/Kilkenny/Waterford and she has penned a poem to tell us her #myiCareStory.


Golden Years by Mary McKenna #myiCareStory

What do I see, another elderly person in care

Vacant face, no happy smile, eyes that stare

Look beyond the image find the love in your  heart

Open your eyes, spend time, sure isn’t  that a start.

Screenshot 2015-07-02 12.25.27

The person before me  sits old, bent and grey

Where is the woman, once young, pretty and gay?

Smile, communicate be patient and kind

This fast paced world has left her behind .


No time to wait, no time to listen and understand

All she needed was a kind word and a helping hand

This is a woman who has lived and loved through many years

A lifetime of  wisdom but instead filled with worry and fears.


Call it what you like – declining years, dotage, decrepitude

Don’t leave this person to live in loneliness and solitude.


Why do I love working with Bluebird Care you may ask?

Looking after our clients is labour of love not a task.


In Bluebird Care there is a lot of love and support to go around

Both carers and client reap the rewards I have found

The touch of hand, a caring word,  a warm smile

The look  on their face makes it all worthwhile.

Mary McKenna CKW

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