Top 5 Burglary Prevention Tips: An Garda Siochana

Crime and burglaries is a constant worry for people living alone, especially older people. With this in mind we have collated some of the very best advice from An Garda Siochana.

The Crime Prevention Unit within An Garda Siochana says that: “Believe it or not – older persons are less often the victims of crime than many of their younger neighbours. Older persons are, however, subjected to burglary and thefts as frequently as the rest of the population.”


A lifetime of experience coupled with the ageing process can make older persons feel vulnerable and more fearful of becoming a victim of crime.

Be a Good Neighbour

Good neighbours are a vital component in crime prevention and reducing
the fear of crime. This is particularly important for the older person. They
will keep an eye on their neighbours’ property and call regularly to make
sure everything is OK.

You too can be a good neighbour, its all about awareness of what is happening around you and keeping a friendly lookout for the person near you. Consider joining a Community Alert or Neighbourhood Watch scheme if there is one in your area. These schemes may be able to assist in getting funding for various security systems available for qualifying older persons.

Your local Garda station or Garda Crime Prevention Officer can provide
more information on the setting up of such schemes.

Top 5 Tips to Prevent Burglaries

Tip 1: Secure all windows and doors.

Tip 2: Light up your home, use timer switches when you are out.

Tip 3: Store keys safely and away from letterboxes and windows.

Tip 4: Record details of valuables and don’t leave large amounts of cash in your home.

Tip 5: Use your alarm, even when not at home. 

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