#myiCareStory – Mary McKenna

Mary McKenna works with Bluebird Care Carlow/Kilkenny/Waterford and she has penned a poem to tell us her #myiCareStory.


Golden Years by Mary McKenna #myiCareStory

What do I see, another elderly person in care

Vacant face, no happy smile, eyes that stare

Look beyond the image find the love in your  heart

Open your eyes, spend time, sure isn’t  that a start.

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The person before me  sits old, bent and grey

Where is the woman, once young, pretty and gay?

Smile, communicate be patient and kind

This fast paced world has left her behind .


No time to wait, no time to listen and understand

All she needed was a kind word and a helping hand

This is a woman who has lived and loved through many years

A lifetime of  wisdom but instead filled with worry and fears.


Call it what you like – declining years, dotage, decrepitude

Don’t leave this person to live in loneliness and solitude.


Why do I love working with Bluebird Care you may ask?

Looking after our clients is labour of love not a task.


In Bluebird Care there is a lot of love and support to go around

Both carers and client reap the rewards I have found

The touch of hand, a caring word,  a warm smile

The look  on their face makes it all worthwhile.

Mary McKenna CKW

#myiCareStory – Christine Murray

Christine Murray works with Bluebird Care in Cork and recently entered the Cork Rose of Tralee contest which she mentions in her #myiCareStory below.

#myiCareStory by Christine Murray and 2015 Cork Rose Contestant

Where to start? Firstly, I would like to say a ‘huge thank you’ for your support and kindness during the past few weeks in the run up to the Cork Rose of Tralee’ selection. When I was approached first back in May of 2015 and asked to go into the running to become the Cork Rose ambassador I was both terrified and excited thinking about the possibilities.

Christine (left) pictured with 2014 Rose of Tralee Maria Walsh

Christine (left) pictured with 2014 Rose of Tralee Maria Walsh

Denis the co-ordinator asked if I would like to find my own sponsor and of course only one name and company came to mind, Bluebird Care! Not only is the company a fantastic organisation and run with absolute professionalism and confidentiality, but it is a place I call home. It is home in the sense that I do not find my work a job. I enjoy every visit I have and I enjoy every single client’s company.

I have the opportunity to not only learn through online training but from the clients themselves. One client even tried to teach me how to waltz!  Now being a dancer it was easier for me to pick it up, but how many people in their job can get to say that. There is a new challenge in every client and a new opportunity to learn and upskill. I have the most varied schedule and varied clients and they range in disability, age and intelligence. But they are all close to me. I know all their personalities and they definitely know mine. The older clients tend to try and adopt me as a grand-daughter and not having any living grandparents it makes me feel incredibly grateful to be able to have them care for me as much as I do for them. Some even telling me to take a rest and start asking for time off I am there too often!

Bluebird Care is so much more than it says on the tin, it is a family of carers who assist each other where ever they can; it is a community of workers and clients who work together to get the best out of life and their time together. The team, the family, the care co-ordinators all work hand-in-hand, one cannot succeed fully without the other. The office (Laura, Sally, Nicole and Helena) are only a text an email or a phone call away and they answer anything at any hour and they are truly my rocks and my go to gals – nothing is too big or too small to ask they never make you feel as though you should already know the answer.

As a carer it is gravely important to me to involve as much of the family that want to be included. Not only is this encouraged by the office but it is appreciated too. In one case the mother of the children I look after enjoys photos and message updates about how we are getting on as she doesn’t want to miss anything – eight children later and I wouldn’t want to miss anything either! I always get to be involved with the family and find out more about the personality of those I care for; this makes my job more enjoyable and in my experience keeps parents and relatives a lot more at ease with “strangers” looking after their family.

I do not know any other company that would give me the freedom and the independence to work as above other than Bluebird Care. Family is a huge part of who I am and it is very important to me and I carry that through to my work in Bluebird Care. I am a caring person by nature and by nurture. I am thankful to be a Bluebird Care carer and I am grateful that I have the opportunity to speak about them with such passion and represent them during the Cork Rose selection.

I have had a fantastic time explaining to not only my fellow Rose family but everyone we met along the way, who Bluebird Care are and what they are about. Most had heard the advertisements but never realised the range of clients they had or the highly skilled, highly trained and qualified staff that they have on their team. I hope that I have made people think not only about having a Bluebird Care carer in their home, but also perhaps becoming part of the Bluebird Care team. Believe me when I say you will not regret it!



#myiCareStory – Bernie Hennessy

Bernie Hennessy who works with Bluebird Care Tipperary and East Cork has penned a poem as part of her i-CARE entry. Enjoy!


#myiCareStory By Bernie Hennessy

In order to show i-CARE
I decided to work with Bluebird care
The people there are really swell
And help me do my job so well.

The clock strikes ten, it’s time to go
I am ready for work as you know
Check all the sisters are okay
And make sure they’re resting from their day.

I am there all through the night
I’m wide awake in case they get a fright
To listen to them spin some yarns
And make sure they come to no harm.

I am the last face they see at night
And the first thing when it gets bright
I attend to their every waking need
And don’t see it, as just a deed.

With every bell that sounds
I’m off again to do my rounds
Popping my head around their doors
To check and make sure for all their snores.

I really have enjoyed my work to date
And at last I’ve found my fate
The people who helped me show i-CARE
Were the one and only Bluebird Care.