26 Important Qualities to be a Healthcare Assistant

Healthcare assistants are everyday heroes with demanding jobs that require a diverse range of qualities. They need to be both soft and strong – capable of empathising with the person in their care but strong enough to handle traumatic situations without falling apart. Good communication skills are a must; being a good listener is especially valuable as it provides emotional support in difficult times.

A sense of humour is desirable since laughter is the best medicine after all, but when it’s time to be serious, a good healthcare assistant can step up. They have sharp observation skills and are always on the lookout for signs of change in wellbeing. In addition to emotional strength, they require stamina and endurance as the job often requires heavy lifting and long hours. And lastly, squeamishness is not an option. Unpleasant tasks may arise and must be carried out mindful of the dignity of the person in their care. All in all, for this demanding and rewarding role, good eggs only need apply.

Qualities to be a Healthcare Assistant

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