Bluebird Care Wexford to Attend South East Region Jobs Fair

Bluebird Care Wexford will be attending the South East Region Jobs Fair, 15th of March 2016.

The event is a great opportunity for employers recruiting among skills shortages in Ireland or those who feel that the prospective candidates may be out of their local reach.

jobs fair poster

What’s happening?

The South East Region Jobs Fair, organised by the Department of Social Protection/ EURES Ireland will also take place virtually on the event’s website created on the European portal: (financed by the European Commission).

Through the website and its interactive elements, jobseekers will be able to apply for jobs, make contact with you and book job interviews. EURES Ireland can assist you with pre-selection of candidates and interviews scheduling if required. On the day of the event a dedicated person from your company can chat with jobseekers in Europe using Netop Live Guide available through the website or any other software (e.g. Skype, video conferencing) preferred by you.

Who will be attending?

The event will be widely advertised in Europe. We can target any jobseekers in EU/EEA countries depending on your jobs and skills requirements. We will use social media platforms and online advertising to promote the event in other countries. The European Commission/ EURES will also be advertising the event on the European level.


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