Safeguarding vulnerable adults

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Training

Bluebird Care managers have completed training in safeguarding vulnerable adults. 

In 2014, the HSE implemented  Safeguarding Vulnerable Persons at Risk of Abuse. National Policy & Procedures  (2014)  which ensures that those working in the care industry are equipped to prevent and manage any incidents of alleged abuse of a vulnerable person.

Director of Care, Breda Mulvihill says, “Protecting vulnerable adults is paramount in any care setting and we welcome this comprehensive policy from the HSE. All senior managers at Bluebird Care have attended specific training in relation to this policy. This  training was organised for the managers  to promote best practice and compliance with  HSE National Policy  in relation to safeguarding vulnerable persons.”


Did you know?

A vulnerable person is three times more likely to suffer abuse in a residential facility than in their own homes by paid carers according to Anne Wall, Principal Social Worker, National Safeguarding Office, HSE.

Who is a vulnerable person?

The HSE define a vulnerable person as:

An adult who is restricted in capacity to guard himself/herself against harm or exploitation or to report such harm or exploitation.

What is abuse?

Abuse is defined in this policy as:

Any act, or failure to act, which results in a breach of a vulnerable person’s human rights, civil liberties, physical and mental integrity, dignity or general wellbeing, whether intended or through negligence, including sexual relationships or financial transactions to which the person does not or cannot validly consent, or which are deliberately exploitative. Abuse may take a variety of forms.

Committed to safeguarding vulnerable adults 

Breda Mulvihill says, “ Protecting vulnerable adults is paramount in any care setting and  very much welcomes the HSE comprehensive policy on safeguarding vulnerable adults.”  

All current Bluebird Care policies and guidance documents promote welfare, reflect inclusion and transparency  in the provision of services and thus promote an overall culture of safeguarding within the organisation. 

Bluebird Care is dedicated to providing professional, safe, quality, health and social care services in a dignified, respectful and compassionate manner to all its customers.

Download the safeguarding vulnerable adults policy

Click on the image below to download the policy.

Safeguarding vulnerable adults HSE policy

Safeguarding vulnerable adults HSE policy

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