What is Person-Centred Care?

At Bluebird Care we adopt a person-centred care approach to homecare and independent living support. This means that the customer is at the heart of all decisions made about his or her care.

This is a very important ethos as it means that we are directed by the person receiving care. Sometimes this can include involvement from other medical professionals and/or family members.

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In this blog post we set out the steps we at Bluebird Care take in providing person-centred care to our customers.


Person-centred care planning at Bluebird Care

Step 1

A prospective customer or a member of their family will contact us and inquire about our ability to offer care in this particular circumstance. Sometimes we will be contacted by a medical professional such as a GP, Public Health Nurses or a Discharge Nurse in a hospital.  They will give an outline of the care requirements of the individual and we agree to set up a meeting with the person and/or their family/medical team.

Bluebird Care has offices in 26 locations so there is one nearby where you live. Click here to find your local office.

Step 2

At the first meeting with the prospective customer we get an insight into their care needs. The meeting is attended by a Bluebird Care Care Manager and also a Care Planner. The meeting will centre around looking at the individual’s medical history, family circumstances, reasons for their current care requirements, family and social circle, interests, hobbies, level of independence. Really we want to get a picture of the life they want to lead and how we can support them in achieving that. Homecare support can range from 30-minute visits to more longer term and more intense care. But it is entirely up to the individual and his/her family what they want and need. We take notes of all the relevant information to prepare a person-centred homecare support package.

Step 3

Following the one-to-one meeting the Bluebird Care care team will devise a customised package of care and support relevant to the customers’ needs. This will be very in-depth and will have a schedule of tasks, times, roles and responsibilities of the care team and also reporting mechanisms for the individual/their family. This care plan is presented to the individual and their family for review.

Step 4

When we are assigned a care package with a customer we will then introduce the members of our team who will be working directly with you. They are usually Care Assistants and Personal Assistants. It is very important that a rapport and a bond is established between the Bluebird Care team members and the customer and their family and this first initial meeting will establish this.

Step 5

As with any plan, it needs to be constantly monitored and regularly reviewed. Bluebird Care review care plans monthly to ensure that we take account of changes in the customers’ medical situation, lifestyle, family network and any other relevant factors and the care plan is updated accordingly.

If you would like to talk to us about your care needs contact your local Bluebird Care office.

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