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[Customer Interview] Why We Chose Bluebird Care For Homecare

How do you decide which homecare company to choose? This is one of the biggest decisions you will have to make and often times it is in a stressful situation. So why choose Bluebird Care?

Ask yourself, ‘what are the most important factors in choosing a care provider for myself or a family member?’

We asked one of our customers these questions in a recent interview. Perhaps Denise Coen’s experience will help you in deciding whether to choose Bluebird Care as your homecare provider?

What is homecare?

Homecare is a professional service provided to individuals and families in their own homes, where they require assistance with everyday tasks to make their daily life more comfortable. This can range from companionship through to specialist non medical care for people on a short or long term basis. Homecare is provided to people of all ages and varying degrees of ability. 

Bluebird Care is dedicated to providing professional, safe, quality health and social care services in a dignified, respectful and compassionate manner to all its customers.

Why Denise chose Bluebird Care

Denise Coen speaks to Ollie Daly about why she chose Bluebird Care as her care partner for her mother who has Dementia.

Would you like a free care assessment by a registered nurse?

Contact your local Bluebird Care office for a no-obligation and confidential conversation and speak with one of our registered nurses.


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