Bluebird Care Gets on the Road with Vantastic

Bluebird Care Gets on the Road with Vantastic

35 accessible vans delivering 12,000 trips per month across Dublin

Homecare company Bluebird Care has partnered with accessible transport company Vantastic to ensure they can continue to deliver 12,000 monthly trips across Dublin city and county.

The charity offers a low-cost affordable service to people of all ages and with varying degrees of ability. They employ 50 staff to provide seven day-a-week accessible transport services.

Cormac Moloney, the charity’s CEO says corporate social responsibility is a vital part of their revenue streams.

“As a charity we rely heavily on support from companies such as Bluebird Care to keep us on the road. This current partnership over 12 months will help us deliver on our massive commitment to bring circa 1,000 people a week from their homes to community centres, to their place of work, hospital appointments and even on shopping trips.

“Accessible transport is the link which affords independence, well-being, good mental health and in many cases interaction with other people.

Bluebird Care Gets on the Road with Vantastic


Bluebird Care Ireland Managing Director says that their work as private home care providers ties in perfectly with the work of Vantastic.

“We deliver 10,000 home care visits per week to people who live in Dublin and its surrounding areas. While we ensure that people can remain in their own homes, the vital link for full independence is transport.

“So often we take for granted the chance to go out, meet friends, go shopping or even visit our GP. This is why we are so delighted to partner with Vantastic and support their invaluable work.”

Bluebird Care spent a day with Vantastic recently and met their customers and their staff.

Hear first-hand why this service is totally invaluable. Hear the personal stories from Alice, Josephine, Paddy and Don.

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