10% Discount on Wheelchair Accessible Car Rental

10% Discount on Wheelchair Accessible Car Rental for all Bluebird Care Customers

As part of the Corporate Social Responsibility partnership between Vantastic and Bluebird Care, Vantastic are delighted to offer a 10% discount on the hire of Wheelchair Accessible vehicles to all Bluebird Care customers in Ireland.

Vantastic is a Not for Profit Irish Charity that offers accessible transport services to people with disabilities, citizens (65+) with mobility impairments and not for profit groups. Through the funding provided by Bluebird Care, Vantastic have not only been able to keep the wheels turning on the minibuses but have successfully grown their national Mobility Car Rental service.

This Mobility Car Rental service helps people to maintain their independence, enabling them to participate in activities outside the home and within the community which is a vital part of everyday life that many of us take for granted.

For more information on the benefits of using the Vantastic Wheelchair Accessible Car Rental click
here https://vantastic.ie/why-rental/

To avail of the 10% Wheelchair Accessible Car Rental discount Bluebird Care customers must complete the Online Booking Form via the Vantastic Website https://vantastic.ie/rental-cars and provide the discount code which you can get from your local Bluebird Care Office.

For more information on this great discount and service please call Vantastic on Free Phone 1800 242703

Bluebird Care Gets on the Road with Vantastic