Mission & Vision

We at Bluebird Care pride ourselves on being a professional, modern service, delivering high quality safe care in the home and community for persons of all ages with varying needs

Our Mission

Bluebird Care is dedicated to providing professional, safe, quality health and social care services in a dignified, respectful and compassionate manner to all its customers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the service provider of choice for those who wish to avail of independent high quality, safe and effective health and social care services in Ireland.

Our Values

At Bluebird Care we value our customers and the staff who care for them. We treat all of our customers with respect, dignity, compassion and kindness. Our staff work in a diligent, professional and courteous manner and uphold the high standards of conduct and performance which is expected of each staff member within the organisation.

Key Principles

Bluebird Care staff places the person at the heart and centre of every interaction.

Bluebird Care staff treat Customers with kindness, compassion, consideration and respect at all times.

Bluebird Care staff promotes and respects the dignity and privacy of the Customer at all times.

Bluebird Care promotes the safety and welfare of all its Customers and has a no tolerance approach to any type of abuse or abusive practice.

Bluebird Care promotes the concept of citizenship which confers a status on an individual whereby his/her fundamental right to dignity and respect and other basic human rights as well as his/her rights to participation in society are upheld.

Bluebird Care supports the principle of autonomy and empowerment and recognises the right of all persons to make choices which supports them to live an independent a life as possible.

Bluebird Care assures that all Customers will be secure in the knowledge that all information about them is managed appropriately and that there is a clear understanding of confidentiality among all its staff.