Care of Children

Bluebird Care can provide care and support services for children with a physical and/or intellectual disability. This can be on a regular basis or short-term while a parent or relative is ill or in hospital.

Bluebird Care cares for children of all ages with very diverse needs. Our support may enable children with disabilities and challenging behaviour to develop and grow into adulthood with the specialist assistance they require.

We work closely with the family and other professionals involved in the child’s development and medical needs.

We also provide nanny services.

Our staff have relevant qualifications in child care and development and are highly experienced. They have also received training in Children First, which meets legislative requirements.

Bluebird Care can help a child fulfil his/her own potential by:

  • Encouraging the child to be as independent as possible.
  • Providing excellent day-to-day care for children including support for feeding regimes.
  • Supporting the child as they continue their education includes taking them to and from school, preparing school lunches, or caring after the school period or throughout the holidays.
  • Ensuring we have regular contact with family and friends to keep them in touch with the child’s progress.
  • Assisting the family in establishing or maintaining daily routines.
  • Working with schools and other professionals to achieve objectives.
  • Supporting the child to achieve their ambitions including the transition to adulthood.
  • Enabling the child to interact and socialise with others through visits to youth clubs, sports, cultural and other leisure activities.

Here is an example of  a customer who required specialised care for a child.