Physical Disability Support

People who have physical disabilities have the right to a full and active life and we can play a role in making this possible.

At Bluebird Care we are committed to providing a professional service to encourage and support independent living at home and in the community.

We support people with various levels of disability from mild disability to someone who needs full-time care requirements. We help them fulfill their goals while we support their everyday needs.

We have customers whose mobility is mildly affected to somebody who has had a catastrophic injury.

Our ethos is to assist people to enjoy as full a life as possible while understanding that each individual has varying needs. Bluebird Care provides you with tailor made support and assistance, delivered by professional staff enabling you to live life to its full potential.

If you have a physical disability, or someone living with you has, and require assistance to use essential facilities in your home, for instance the bathroom or kitchen or to participate in your employment or local community, then Bluebird Care can support you in achieving this.

Support with Physical Needs

  • Co-operating with the person in facilitating care/ self-care and daily living requirements
  • Supporting and assisting the individual in maintaining their own homes, clothing and other personal effects (general household duties)
  • Developing an understanding of the person’s specific needs and aspirations, in order to enable them to communicate effectively their wishes and intentions
  • Facilitating mobility within the individual’s own home and in the community
  • Assisting with medication
  • Helping with dietary requirements, such as meal preparation, eating and/or drinking, shopping and supplies management and assisting with healthy eating choices
  • Assisting with all aspects of personal care and continence management