Top 5 Burglary Prevention Tips: An Garda Siochana

Crime and burglaries is a constant worry for people living alone, especially older people. With this in mind we have collated some of the very best advice from An Garda Siochana.

The Crime Prevention Unit within An Garda Siochana says that: “Believe it or not – older persons are less often the victims of crime than many of their younger neighbours. Older persons are, however, subjected to burglary and thefts as frequently as the rest of the population.”


A lifetime of experience coupled with the ageing process can make older persons feel vulnerable and more fearful of becoming a victim of crime.

Be a Good Neighbour

Good neighbours are a vital component in crime prevention and reducing
the fear of crime. This is particularly important for the older person. They
will keep an eye on their neighbours’ property and call regularly to make
sure everything is OK.

You too can be a good neighbour, its all about awareness of what is happening around you and keeping a friendly lookout for the person near you. Consider joining a Community Alert or Neighbourhood Watch scheme if there is one in your area. These schemes may be able to assist in getting funding for various security systems available for qualifying older persons.

Your local Garda station or Garda Crime Prevention Officer can provide
more information on the setting up of such schemes.

Top 5 Tips to Prevent Burglaries

Tip 1: Secure all windows and doors.

Tip 2: Light up your home, use timer switches when you are out.

Tip 3: Store keys safely and away from letterboxes and windows.

Tip 4: Record details of valuables and don’t leave large amounts of cash in your home.

Tip 5: Use your alarm, even when not at home. 

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Summer Crime Prevention Advice from An Garda Síochána

Don’t give criminals a crime opportunity: Summer Advice from An Garda Síochána

The month of August is the traditional holiday month across Ireland and also time for annual graveyard ceremonies across the country. Unfortunately thieves are targeting parked cars during this time.

Sgt. Paul Wallace, Divisional Crime Prevention Officer in Donegal stated, “Recent crime figures tell us year to date (compared to this time last year) we have a 33% increase in reported thefts from vehicles, with significant increases in certain areas of Donegal so it appears we have to keep reminding the public about this very preventable crime.”

So the advice provided below by An Garda Síochána should be heeded by everyone across the country and we are happy to share it with you. Please share it with anyone you know and/or tell them about it.

Theft from Cars Infographic
Local Divisional Garda Crime Prevention Officer Sergeant Paul Wallace has issued the following advice:
1. Ensure your car is locked with all windows closed.
2. Remove any valuables and place in the boot before you set out to attend the ceremonies – better still remove items and leave at home if possible.
3. Thieves are targeting ladies handbags, cameras, binoculars & sat navs basically any item that can be quickly sold on.
4. Parked cars will be checked discreetly by the thieves who will steal items in unlocked cars.
5. Persons acting suspiciously i.e loitering in the area should be kept under observation and Gardai contacted.

General Mid Summer Advice – You can afford to lose nothing!
➢ Keep a sharp eye on strange vehicles in the vicinity of your home & elderly neighbours.
➢ Restrict access onto your property; maintain your boundary fences, hedges and walls.
➢ Install a monitored intruder alarm to your home and buildings that are vulnerable.
➢ Going on Holiday or Shopping – Ask at neighbour to look over your property away, (you can also return the favour).
Further Crime Prevention information –
Issued by Sergeant Paul Wallace Garda Divisional Crime Prevention Officer, Letterkenny Garda Station
074-91-67161 (Direct) / 086-8281946 /

“Recycled Teenagers” in Kerry Debate Growing Old in Ireland

80 people joined Broadcaster George Hook in The Malton Hotel, Killarney to debate growing old in Ireland. With our population rising and figures projecting 800,000 people over the age of 65 by 2021, Bluebird Care hosted an event to discuss planning for an ageing population.

Photos by Don McMonagle

View all photos from the event here



EngAGEment killarney00020

The crowd at An EngAGEment with Bluebird Care in The Malton Hotel Killarney

The main issues debated were community policing with Sgt. Jim Foley and Diarmuid Cronin of Muintir Na Tire; Social engagement and active ageing with Peter Kavanagh, Active Retirement Ireland and Philip O’Reilly, Respond Housing; and the impact of austerity on older people by Eamon Timmins of Age Action and Susie Hall from the Alliance of Retired Public Servants.

Some of the key issues raised were:

  • Middle class families are being hurt by austerity and are facing homelessness and are leaning on elderly parents for financial, childcare and even housing supports according to Philip O’Reilly of Respond Housing.
  • When you turn 65 your input into society should not end – age is merely a number and social interaction is vital after retirement. Studies show that you are 4-7 times more likely to have a stroke or a heart attack in the first year after retirement so social interaction and activity is vital. Studies have also shown that minding your mental health and keeping your brain active can reduce incidences of dementia according to Peter Kavanagh of Active Retirement Ireland.
  • Age Action reported that the Government are considering altering the Free Travel Scheme for over 65’s in this year’s budget. Age Action are lobbying Government on this trying to prevent any negative changes.
  • Susie Hall of the Alliance of Retired Public Servants said the Government have hit the most vulnerable in society with their austerity measures. Older people should not have to suffer as they have spent a lifetime paying taxes and giving service to the state.
  • Diarmuid Cronin of Muintir na Tire said older people should look at all risks relating to home security. He also encouraged them to consider getting a social alarm that is monitored 24/7/365.
  • Sgt. Jim Foley spoke about simple ways to protect your home like securing windows and doors, cutting overhanging trees and hedging and lighting up your house and outdoors to prevent intruders.
EngAGEment killarney00027

Eamon Timmins, Age Action & Susie Hall, Retired Public Servants Association

EngAGEment killarney00052

Diarmuid Cronin, Muintir na Tire and Sgt Jim Foley, Crime Prevention Officer discuss community policing and home security with George Hook

EngAGEment killarney00041

Philip O’Reilly, Respond Housing and Peter Kavanagh Active Retirement Ireland discuss social inclusion, active ageing and housing with George Hook

One audience member, 93 year old Bernie McMonagle declared, “In Kerry we don’t like to be referred to as senior citizens, we rather ‘recycled teenagers.’ This set the positive tone for the evening which will feature in an online video shared on

EngAGEment killarney00009

Gerard Mannix and Bernie McMonagle with George Hook