Bring Care Home | Bluebird Care Launches TV Campaign

On January 2nd, we launch our first ever TV campaign which coincides with 2017 being our 10th year in business.

Our 30-second TV commercial will run throughout the year on multiple Sky, TV3 and RTÉ channels. We are delighted to share this commercial with you and of course would love your feedback. Watch the extended version below.


As Ireland’s population continues to grow and the size of our ageing demographic increases, we thought it was necessary to educate Irish people about home care services and what’s involved. 

This TV campaign will be backed by a complementary radio campaign across RTÉ Radio 1, Lyric FM and Today FM. We will also drive educational messages around home care on our online channels: namely on our website and on our social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and our YouTube Channel.

If you would like to contribute to our dedicated blog on our website: The Home Care Blog about any area of home care, for example, your experiences or indeed your vision for home care in Ireland, then please get in touch. Email – we would love to share your story. 

This year we want to help people understand how home care has evolved in Ireland and that quality and safe care is being provided by the private sector, in collaboration with the HSE to the very highest of standards

Choosing a Homecare Provider Infographic

When choosing a homecare provider there are a number of things you need to consider. To help you in your search we have created a helpful infographic. Homecare is a service that requires careful consideration so here are the questions you should ask any homecare provider.

Question 1: Will the support I need be tailored to my specific requirements?

Question 2: What Qualifications & Competencies do your staff possess?

Question 3: Is your homecare company Quality Certified?

Question 4: Is the package on offer and your company flexible?

Question 5: Do you have an Expert Team that can provide specialised services?

Question 6: Do you provide an out-of-office hours Oncall Service to your customers and staff?

Screenshot 2014-01-17 18.10.57


Why would you or a loved one choose homecare?

In our experience there a number of key reasons why families choose homecare over nursing home care and this is the feedback that we get.

  • Companionship
  • Community involvement
  • Prevent social isolation
  • Independence
  • Remain in your own home
  • Cost effective
  • Tax relief available
  • Tailored package to suit your needs
  • Positive mental health

We hope this infographic will help you when choosing homecare.


To find out more about our homecare services click here


Michael Corcoran speaks to South East Radio

Michael Corcoran, Director of Bluebird Care Wexford speaks to Alan Corcoran of South East Radio about the business of homecare and Ireland’s ageing population.

Listen to the interview

What is Quality Homecare?

The homecare sector in Ireland is unregulated. Therefore how can you establish the quality standards of any homecare company? In this blog post we try to answer this question.

Member of HCCI

Home and Community Care Ireland

Home and Community Care Ireland is the independent voice of homecare companies in Ireland. Members of HCCI are in favour of regulation in their sector and are actively lobbying government on this move.

Q Mark


Excellence Ireland Quality Association is Ireland’s leading certification body. They conduct independent quality audits of homecare organisations. Those homecare companies who have received, completed and have been successful in EIQA audits are awarded with the Q Mark of Quality. Bluebird Care won Business Group of the Year for 2013/2014 illustrating our commitment to quality homecare.

Internal Company Auditing & Standards


All homecare companies should undertake their own internal audits of all offices. Strict policies and procedures should be in place to ensure high standards are maintained and improved on an ongoing basis. These policies should relate to care planning, staffing, invoicing, quality standards, branding, corporate social responsibility, customer service, training and ongoing professional development and information technology.

Openness & Transparency


All homecare companies should be open and transparent in all aspects of their business. From pricing and invoicing to staff training, auditing and quality systems – all parts of the homecare company’s business should be open to scrutiny by the customer.

 Customer Feedback


Is there positive and genuine customer feedback from existing and past clients? Do you know somebody who has used their service?  A recommendation or referral can be valuable when seeking quality homecare.



Homecare companies that win awards in their sector to acknowledge high standards or other areas of their business are assessed by their peers.

Staff Training & Qualifications


Maintaining high care standards will depend on the quality of the training and experience as well as the academic qualifications of your staff. Staff should be adequately trained to take on a care role and they should be offered ongoing professional development.